Prince Andrew demands trial by jury

Prince Andrew demands trial by jury

Prince Andrews

Just weeks after Virginia Giuffre filed a civil sex assault suit against Prince Andrew, the 61-year old Duke of York is now demanding a trial by jury. 

Giuffre has accused the Duke of emotional harm, battery and forcing her to have sex with him two decades ago inside the residence belonging to convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Duke has so far denied all allegations against him. 

Lawyers for the Duke outlined their response to Giuffre’s allegations in a 11-page document, filed to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, stating that their client “demands a trial by jury on all causes of action asserted in the complaint”.

The statement claims their client denies the allegation that he sexually abused Giuffre when she was under 18. It also lays out a range of defences “without assuming the burden of proof, and expressly denying any and all wrongdoing”.

“Prince Andrew hereby demands a trial by jury on all causes of action asserted in the Complaint,” the document concludes. 

Giuffre’s attorney David Boies has since released a statement to The Independent, claiming that “Prince Andrew’s answer continues his approach of denying any knowledge or information concerning the claims against him, and purporting to blame the victim of the abuse for somehow bringing it on herself.”

“We look forward to confronting Prince Andrew with his denials and attempts to blame Ms Giuffre for her own abuse at his deposition and at trial.”

Earlier this month, Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan denied the Duke’s motion to dismiss the civil complaint and rumours spread that he would be seeking an out-of-court settlement with Giuffre.

“For the foregoing reasons, defendant’s motion to dismiss the complaint or for a more definite statement is denied in all respects,” Judge Kaplan explained in his 46-page opinion. 

The sum of the settlement was estimated to be up to up to £10 million — $AUD18.9 million. 

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