'Quiet fury is simmering' among women as 8 matters for gender equality published

‘Quiet fury is simmering’ among women as 8 matters for gender equality published

The Victorian Women’s Trust has issued a list of “matters that count” on women’s rights and gender equality and will splash its message across full-page advertisements in major newspapers over the weekend.

Just a week out from polling , VWT describes May 21 as a “line in the sand” election for women, with women’s concerns sidelined for too long.

They say these concerns will no longer be pushed to the margins, especially given the growing unease among female voters, with the VWT describing “a quiet fury is simmering among women across the electorate.”

The eight Matters that Count will push for those entering the next federal parliament to advocate and work for cover domestic violence support, a First Nations voice, wage justice, affordable housing, serious climate action, sustainable childcare, an anti-corruption commission, and the end of the cruel treatment of asylum seekers.

VWT Executive Director Mary Crooks AO said the statement to be broadcast tomorrow is not designed to tell people how to vote, but rather to champion women’s rights and help achieve gender equality by promoting the steps necessary to make it happen.

“In placing this statement, it is important to stress that we are focused on promoting these Matters That Count because women’s voices are commonly and routinely drowned out in our political life, as has been the case throughout this election period.”

The ads to be published in The West Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald this Saturday have been funded by VWT donors, without tax deductibility status.

VWT has also launched a comprehensive website sharing more information on the matters they have outlined, as well as resources to support anyone looking to have a broader conversation on these issues.

VWT’s Matters that Count to Australian Women include:

  • Significant investment to stop men’s violence towards women and children
  • A constitutionally enshrined First Nations Voice to our national parliament
  • Wage justice for women working in aged care and childcare sectors
  • Affordable housing for women to stop their slide into homelessness
  • Serious, concerted action on climate change
  • Affordable and high-quality childcare and early learning system
  • Ending the cruel treatment of asylum seekers
  • A strong and effective anti-corruption commission

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