#SameGuy: Celeste Barber captures Australia's COVID mess for international followers

#SameGuy: Celeste Barber captures Australia’s COVID mess for international followers

Celeste Barber

Comedian, Celeste Barber has perfectly captured the mess that Australia currently finds itself in, telling her international followers about the bungled vaccine rollout and lack of leadership in the country.

Using the #SameGuy hashtag, Barber posted a video to her Instagram stories and Twitter, explaining that the same Prime Minister who went on holiday to Hawaii during the bushfires, is the same guy who didn’t order enough vaccines for Australians.

In her hilarious way, she explains our initial pandemic response to lockdown, and isolation from the rest of the world, which left Australians feeling smug. That has quickly unravelled however, as our leaders fail to adequately vaccinate the country.

“A lot of people are asking why Australia is back in lockdown. We did it well at the beginning. We kinda did the hard part easy, and now we’re doing the easy part, hard,” she said.

“So, we locked down international borders and everything. We’re like yeah cool we’re the boss, and we were really smug about it.

“But now cause it’s all about vaccines. Our government didn’t order us enough vaccines. What a time.”

“So we’re freaking out, we’re like well the lockdown worked before, so let’s just keep locking them down until they’re vaccinated. And now we get yelled at by said government.”

“Remember when Australia was on fire a couple of years ago and that guy that was the leader fucked off to Hawaii? Same guy. Same guy that didn’t order enough vaccines, but is blaming us for not getting vaccinated and therefore that’s why we’ve got a lockdown.”

“So it’s a real time over here at the moment.”

The hashtag #SameGuy is now spreading across Twitter.

Guardian Australia journalist Amy Remeikis said Celeste Barber’s reach, both in Australia and internationally, should not be underestimated – she has 8.2 million followers on Instagram.

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