Why this eight-person panel is all male

Why this eight-person panel is all male

When you put Australia’s key police commissioners together on the one stage, you can’t help but spot the one thing missing: Women.

That’s what happened this morning at the 2017 International Women & Law Enforcement Conference in Cairns, during its Australian Commissioners’ Panel. The event features more than 1000 delegates from over 60 countries — and plenty of excellent female speakers.

But during this session, the country’s state and territory police commissioners were asked to discuss the current state of law enforcement, as well as the influential women in their lives and careers. The session was facilitated by AFP Media and Communications coordinator Jeremy Lasek, according to the program.

No women were included on the panel at the international women’s event, because we have no female police commissioners.

The full conference program features a majority of female speakers, covering issues like modern day slavery, gender-based violence in conflict, and building safe and inclusive workspaces. The conference also features representatives from the United Nations, and all over the world.

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