Merit & Imposter Syndrome: On the Women's Agenda Podcast

Merit & Imposter Syndrome: On the Women’s Agenda Podcast

We’ve just launched season two of our Women’s Agenda podcast!

This year, we’re shifting the tone a little to help keep you in the loop of the key conversations happening, while also addressing a leadership and career tip or two.

Every week, each of us in the studio will also share something that’s got us talking: a book, podcast, TV show, activity or something else.

So first up, Georgie Dent, Anne-Marie Elias and Angela Priestley are on to the case of merit. What is it exactly? And why don’t women appear to have it?

Then we’re straight into dealing with Imposter Syndrome. Who gets it? If it a female thing only? And what can you do about it?

Listen also to find out more about the fantastic financial inclusion hackathon Anne-Marie is running and why.

Listen here.

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