The arts community has released its own powerful vaccine ad

The arts community has released its own powerful vaccine ad

the arts Victoria vaccine campaign

Within weeks of Federal Government vaccination campaigns being widely criticized for their negative tone and problematic messaging, a very different approach has been released this morning.

It comes from the arts community in Victoria, which has suffered significantly during rolling lockdowns over the past 18 months. An industry that has also been largely let down by government support incentives and initiatives, and one that’s well down the list of industries that will return to anything close to ‘normal’ anytime soon.

Conceived by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, where Managing Director Sophie Galaise is at the helm, the ad campaign’s goal is to address vaccination hesitancy and lift vaccine numbers nationally, noting mass vaccination is essential for preventing further lockdowns and for bringing venues back up to full capacity. This ad was written and directed by Emma Muir-Smith.

The ad takes a positive and warm approach. It talks about the need for an “ensemble” in approaching vaccinations, noting that not everyone can get vaccinated and that those who are eligible should make their booking as soon as they can. It talks about everyone “playing their part”, sharing it’s message as being one from “your” arts community.

The ad does not rely on fear tactics or scaremongering. It does not ignore the giant elephant in the vaccination hub – that millions of adults are a long way off being able to get an appointment.

Instead, it promotes the idea of coming together again, by participating in the “performance of a lifetime”, when your opportunity to get vaccinated does come up.

As Sophie Galaise said on launching the ad: “‘Whether we play in an orchestra, act within an ensemble or dance in the corps de ballet, it’s essential that we each perform to our highest standards in order to deliver the performance of a lifetime.”

Those featured in the ad include artists Deborah Cheetham AO, Tim Minchin, Meow Meow, Rhonda Burchmore OAM, Virginia Gay, Tripod, artists from The Australian Ballet, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Theatre Company and Short Black Opera. Many more artists and organisations will also be participating across social media.

The ad has received huge applause and praise across social media this morning. People spoke of it as being one of the best ads seen internationally, as bringing a tear to the eye, as being beautiful and moving and exactly what’s needed right now.


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