The Visible Farmer initiative showcasing power of women in agriculture

The Visible Farmer initiative showcasing power of women in agriculture

Visible Farmer
On International Day of Rural Women 2019, the Visible Farmer campaign is working hard to put a spotlight on the often hidden faces of women in agriculture.

The campaign, which includes a 15-part series of short films, tells the stories of women across the country who are playing a vital and innovative role in the production of food and fibre in Australia.

According to the Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women, half of all our food is produced by the work of women.

“Australian rural women are a powerful force , half of all you eat is produced by women,” says Jacqueline Graham, President of BPW Australia. “Women make up 50% of the rural workforce and they generate half of all farm income.”

“With over 75% of BPW Australia members in Regional Australia, we celebrate the women that drive progress in regional economies.”

Graham says fostering female leadership in agriculture should be a strategic imperative, especially with food security becoming a growing issue in Australia.

In the first season of the Visible Farmer film project, we meet women from Western Australia.

Chris, the goat farmer, who has reinvented the family business into a gourmet success. Nicole, who steers the family’s grain business with high-tech precision and Ketut, a young mother from Bali who became the farmer by default, now loving every minute of it.

You can watch the first Visible Farmer episode here:


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