Diversity Council Australia announces 30 most inclusive workplaces

These are Australia’s 30 most inclusive employers, according to DCA

Diversity Council Australia (DCA) has unveiled their list of the country’s 30 most inclusive employers of 2022-2023, with the group spanning public, private and non-government workplaces. 

This recognition honours inclusive workplaces where a diversity of people are respected, connected, progressing and contributing to organisational success, with the achievement based on a survey of the organisation’s employees.

CEO of DCA Lisa Annese said on the release of today’s list that “inclusion is a super power” that is critical to business success.

“This year’s list of organisations is diverse – with employers large and small from a wide spectrum of industries. Inclusion isn’t an add on extra for these organisations,” Annese said.

Employees who work for inclusive organisations are four times less likely to experience discrimination and/or harassment, according to DCA. And they’re eight times more likely to be highly effective than those in non-inclusive teams. 

They’re also eight times more likely to be innovative and four times more likely to provide excellent customer service. 

Celebrating this type of environment is even more important as an increasing number of employers are finding it difficult to fill roles in a tight labour market– fostering a more inclusive and diverse workplace is key to attracting and retaining workers. 

To be eligible as a DCA Inclusive Employer, DCA members are required to invite at least 60 per cent of their employees to participate in DCA’s Inclusive Employer Index Assessment, where they provide detailed responses about their experience of inclusion at work. 

These responses must then show that the employers are active and committed to inclusion by achieving results that exceed the National Index Benchmark on at least five out of six of the following measures: (i) Awareness;  (ii) Engagement; (iii) Inclusive Organisational Climate; (iv) Inclusive Leadership; (v) Inclusive Team; (vi) Exclusion. 

“Our Inclusive Employer Index is rigorous, it is not an award, it is a way to measure the work of inclusion in employers in a robust way,” said Annese. “Those who have been recognised today are doing the work of diversity and inclusion and making progress on greater inclusion.”   

Diversity Council Australia 2022-2023 Inclusive Employers

ACOR Consultants

Adelaide Airport Limited

Alinta Energy 

CEO Jeff Dimery: “The energy industry is currently grappling with its biggest challenges– and we need fresh and diverse thinking from the broadest range of people possible.”

Anglicare Victoria 

CEO Paul McDonald: “The focus of Anglicare Victoria (AV) is to work for better! We strive to provide welcoming, inclusive and responsive services and workplaces. It is fantastic to be recognised as an Inclusive Employer by DCA so that we can continue to shape effective responses and interventions that will lead to optimal outcomes for our clients, to advocate for an effective, fair, and compassionate service system, and to actively support wellbeing and inclusion for our employees, volunteers and clients.”

Australia Pacific Airports Corporation

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

CEO Mick Kinley: “We are immensely proud to be designated an Inclusive Employer. This achievement is a testament to our continued focus on embedding inclusive values at AMSA and provides us with a clear baseline from which to grow.”

AVID Property Group Pty Ltd

Banyule Community Health 

CEO Michael Geary: “Banyule Community Health values the richness and experience that comes with a diverse workforce. We are so proud to be recognised as an Inclusive Employer by the Diversity Council Australia.”

BaptistCare NSW & ACT

CEO Charles Moore: “BaptistCare NSW & ACT is thrilled to have been recognised by Diversity Council Australia as an Inclusive Employer. Our 3700 passionate and hard-working staff working across the aged care and community services sector speak 56 languages and come from 69 different cultural backgrounds. We also have staff who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTIQ+, and who live with a disability. We are blessed to be so diverse and we celebrate this. Despite our uniqueness, we also have much in common, including our shared values that are lived out through the care we show for our residents, clients, tenants, and each other daily.”

Carers Queensland Ltd

CEO Debra Cottrell: “Achieving Inclusive Employer Status through Diversity Council Australia, not only validates the work we have done, it encourages us in our continued endeavour to make Carers Queensland a place for everyone.” 

Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA

CEO Chris Rodwell: “We work on the principle that more diverse and inclusive workplaces are more creative and productive and there’s no doubt that our efforts to improve our culture over the past few years have delivered stronger performance. DCA’s recognition of CCIWA as an inclusive employer gives us further assurance that we’re on the right path. Importantly, its assessment tool also highlights opportunities for further improvements. The focus now needs to be on continuing this journey with our team and also sharing our efforts with the 8,000 businesses across our membership.”

Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd 

City of Stirling 

CEO Stuart Jardine PSM: “The City of Stirling is pleased to be recognised by the Diversity Council Australia with Inclusive Employer status. Local government works best when it employs people who are a part of the community, and who reflect the diversity of that community. The City of Stirling is proud to be one of the most culturally diverse communities in Western Australia and we will continue to ensure we build an inclusive and harmonious City where everyone feels like they have a place.”

Clean Energy Finance Corporation 

ConnellGriffin Lty Ptd 

Chair of ConnellGriffin Diversity Council, Lauren Whelan: “ConnellGriffin’s recognition as an ‘Inclusive Employer’ is an extremely proud moment for the company. We enjoy connecting with each other and fostering strong, lasting relationships with our clients and industry partners. Diversity is not a catch phrase for ConnellGriffin, rather it’s embedded within our everyday actions. Our diversity journey will continue to change and grow with our business.”

Davies Collison Cave

Managing Principal Michael Wolnizer: “I’m thrilled that DCC has received Inclusive Employer status after participating in the Inclusive Employer Index for the first time. It’s an important recognition of the work we’ve been doing across the firm over the last few years and goes to the heart of building a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved together so far and seeing the impact this has had on our people. It gives me confidence that our ongoing commitment and investment in this work is contributing to our firm’s success”. 

Defence Housing Australia

Managing Director Barry Jackson: “I am proud that Defence Housing Australia has been acknowledged as an Inclusive Employer in 2022 by Diversity Council Australia. This recognition acknowledges DHA’s ongoing commitment to becoming a more respectful and inclusive workplace, where all employees feel safe and confident to bring their whole selves to work.”

Helping Hand Aged Care, South Australia

CEO Chris Stewart: “The absolute highlight for Helping Hand is that 60 per cent of Helping Hand employees report having an inclusive manager, which is almost double the Australian workforce average of 31 per cent. This speaks volumes about the culture at Helping Hand and how the leadership across the organisation truly does live our values and creates a safe and inclusive workplace. Aged care across the country needs to boost its workforce and I am hopeful this result will see people attracted to choose Helping Hand.”

Impact Community Services

Managing Director Tanya O’Shea: “As an organisation focused on improving lives we are on a journey to greater understanding of what it means to be inclusive. Participating in the Diversity Council Australia’s Inclusive Employer Index allows us to identify areas where we can focus our energies.”

John Deere Limited 

Managing Director Luke Chandler: “As a leadership team, we are committed to achieving our business vision through an engaged, diverse, and inclusive team. This recognition demonstrates how our employees across Australia & New Zealand are engaging in DEI initiatives as part of their commitments to create the inclusive workplace culture that leads to our competitive advantage in the marketplace.”


Mars Australia & New Zealand 

Craig Sargeant, on behalf Mars Australia & New Zealand: “Mars is proud to be recognised as an Inclusive Employer 2021-22 by Diversity Council Australia because we’re passionate about creating an environment where all Associates are respected, valued, and celebrated for who they are. At Mars, we’re committed to doing what we can to ensure Mars provides an inclusive workplace and embraces diversity now and for future generations.”

Perron Group

Property Council of Australia 

Schneider Electric

Chief of Staff at Schneider Electric Pacific Zone, Dean Summlar: “This recognition is an important reflection of Schneider Electric’s culture. As a global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric is focused on bringing about long-term positive impact for our teams and the communities we operate in. As such, we are strongly committed to being an Inclusive Employer, today and in the future.”

Services Australia

CEO Rebecca Skinner PSM: “As an agency that supports almost every Australian at some point in their life, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age or ability, it’s important that inclusion is at the heart of everything we do.”

The Social Research Centre

CEO Diane Herz: “At the Social Research Centre, we see achieving Inclusive Employer status as a critical step to not only advancing equity in employment but also supporting ethically and culturally sound research. Employing staff with diverse demographics, lived experiences, and professional backgrounds supports more robust research.”

Ultimate Kronos Group 

WISE Employment


Country President Rose Herceg: “ This result is a testament to WPP’s commitment to being the employer of choice for all as we build better futures for our people, planet, clients and communities. We believe that ultimately diversity produces extraordinary creativity, manifested in the work we do for our clients and the impact we have on the world. It is the very reason we put the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion at the centre of everything we do at WPP.”


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