This research finds women 10 per cent more productive than men at work

This research finds women more productive than men at work

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Could having more women in organisations make workplaces more productive? Well we’re already convinced here at Women’s Agenda, but here’s some more research to back up the benefits of employing more women.

According to newly released data from productivity platform Hive, based on 3000 male and female users of its platform, women were found to complete 10 per cent more work.

The Hive State of the Workplace Report also found that people tend to assign tasks to others of the same gender, with men assigning 20% more tasks to men and women 20% more to other women.

And they found that women are assigned more work than men, despite already getting 10% more done. Hive says its data shows that 55% of tasks are getting assigned to women and 45% to men, with both men and women completing around 66% of tasks they are assigned.

Meanwhile, interruptions are not necessarily a bad thing, according to the report. Women send 20% more messages via chat, despite doing 10% more of the work.

And think women use passive language and apologies more than men? Well not according to this data. Men were found to say ‘thanks’ more than women and ‘sorry’ nearly the same amount.

Finally, some good news for those who want to keep their work hours actually in their work hours. The data finds men work more weekends than women, and yet they are still getting that 10% less done.

More great reasons for organisations to push to close their gender leadership and pay gaps. Recruiting, retaining and supporting women makes excellent business sense.

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