'Used words I now regret' Alan Jones sort of apologises to Louise Herron

‘Used words I now regret’ Alan Jones sort of apologises to CEO Louise Herron

Louise Herron
He threatened her job live on air and told her she was “out of her depth”, but Alan Jones still isn’t convinced he bullied Opera House CEO Louise Herron last Friday.

Jones has, however, apologised to Herron. Kind of. Sort of. One of those “whoever was offended” kind of apologies.

He was “tough” he said, because it’s an issue he cares about. But it wasn’t bullying or the words of a misogynist.

“I used some words in these programs about the Everest, and the Opera House, and Louise, which in hindsight I now most regret hearing, having heard the impact they’ve clearly had on some people,” he told his 2GB listeners this morning. “In relation to Louise [Herron], I was tough regarding an issue I and others felt is very important.

“I don’t believe my words or actions qualify as those of a bully or a misogynist, but there are clearly many people who do believe that,”

He then apologised to “Louise, and those people who have been offended.”

The apology comes as the Change-org petition pushing support for Herron and for the Opera House to remain “billboard free” now has more than 235,000 signatures and was delivered to NSW state parliament this morning.

During the interview last Friday Jones berated Herron, asking “who do you think you are?” repeatedly. He cut her off immediately as she attempted to explain the heritage listing of the Opera House and then said he would be calling the Premier.

“I’m telling you, I will be speaking with Gladys Berejiklian in about three minutes and if you can’t come to the party, Louise, you should lose your job.”



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