Who's made Australia's most sexist comments? Check out the shortlist - Women's Agenda

Who’s made Australia’s most sexist comments? Check out the shortlist

On Wednesday night, more than 350 women will come together to judge the 22nd annual ‘Ernie Awards for Sexist Remarks. Through a technical voting system of ‘booing’ while the short-listed offenders are read out during the gala dinner, the honourable award winners will be determined.

So, who’s up for the list of gongs across six categories covering media, political, judicial, industrial and sport? And who will take home the trophy for boys behaving better — that is ‘The Good Ernie’?

There were 100 nominations across all categories, with 23 for politicians — three times more than in any category.

Those expected to do well include former MP Eddie Obeid for telling Minister Phil Costa, “you need to sack that bitch”, and Christopher Pyne for declaring a rise in HECS won’t hurt women because, “they will not be able to earn the high incomes that say dentists and lawyers earn”.

Meanwhile, there’s Piers Akerman who reckons the ABC’s cartoon character Peppa Pig is a “weird feminist”, Mathias Cormann for saying the Coalition will not get distracted by the “side issues” that are discussions about the advancement of women in the Coalition, and Clive Palmer for frequently calling female journalists “my dear” and attacking Tony Abbott’s chief of staff, Peta Credlin. Libra will also get the booing treatment, for advertising its new feminine products as absorbing “way more than you ever did in maths class”.

Check out the shortlist and check back with Women’s Agenda for all the winners. And feel free to give a “virtual boo” below with your pick of the most sexist comment this year:

Political Silver Ernie:

Eddie Obeid

Mark Latham

John Howard

Christopher Pyne MP

Clive Palmer MP (thrice)

Kevin Andrews MP

Senator Joe Bullock

Peter Dutton MP

Tony Burke

Tony Abbott (thrice)

Barnaby Joyce MP

Andrew Laming MP

John Williams (NSW MP)

Senator Cory Bernardi

George Christensen

Mathias Cormann MP

Alex Douglas (Qld PUP leader)               

Melbourne University Liberal Club        

Senator Eric Abetz

Geoff Shaw (Vic MP)                               

Chris Spence (NSW MP)                       

Bernie Finn (Vic MP)                                                      

Media Silver Ernie

Tim Blair

Andrew Bolt

Nova FM                                                  

Piers Akerman (7 times)  

Sydney Confidential                                   

3AW 693                                          

Warren Brown

Judicial Silver Ernie

Ian Pike SC

A/Justice John Nield

Philip Strickland SC                  

Celebrity/Clerical (The Fred)    

Rev Fred Nile MLC (thrice)                  

David Koch         

The Catholic Weekly                                     

Cardinal George Pell

Kyle Sandilands

Ass/Pro Gary Misan                                      

The Elaine

Senator Michaela Cash

Miranda Devine (6 times)

Sarah Henderson MP

Rita Panahi

Helen Grant (Vic Min for Women)

Industrial Silver Ernie             

Wicked Camper Vans

Good Time Burgers                                       


 Zellini’s Café 


Piccoli Photography 

John Rippon (AWH)

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Sport (The Warney) 

Penrith Panthers

South Coast Winter Swimming Ass

Blake Ferguson 

Tracks Magazine

Australian Sports Party

Swimming Australia management 

Good Ernie

Mark Lennon (Unions NSW)

Adam Goodes (twice)


CFMEU job delegates

Warren Entsch MP

Clive Palmer


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