What if you're no good at self advocacy? Latest podcast with Lisa Annese

What if you’re no good at self advocacy? Latest podcast with Lisa Annese

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Our latest Women’s Agenda podcast is away! This time special guest Lisa Annese, the CEO of the Diversity Council of Australia, joined Georgie Dent and Angela Priestley in the Eagle Waves Studio.

This week we discussed the extraordinarily large pay packets of CEOs. Why do they need so many millions?

Also, we talked through the necessity of self-advocacy. What if you’re no good at self-advocating, can you and will you still get ahead? (The self-advocacy discussion starts around the 25 minute mark).

Lisa particularly questioned the role of self advocacy in her career, saying she’s never been particularly good at promoting herself. “I don’t know that you can be what you’re not. I struggle with this lean in concept that people say you need to conform to,” she said.

“I’d rather change the way things are done so that merit become a genuine pre cursor for talent identification rather than artificially just promoting yourself.

“Because it doesn’t just exclude women, it excludes people of different cultural backgrounds also. There are very few people who are natural self promoters, especially if you’re introverted.”

Meanwhile, the male carer ‘career trap’ is a thing according to DCA research, and that’s only making things more difficult for women at work. Off the back of this research, we talk just how far we are from normalising flexible work.

Plus, we share our latest recommendations on what to read, watch and see this week. Georgie’s been on another Netflix binge, Ange has been to the cinema for the first time in four years, and Lisa shares a couple of surprise tips — including why she prefers science fiction books over business books.

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