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Seven ways to be more confident at work

Is your lack of confidence and self-belief killing your opportunities at work? Having confidence in yourself, your abilities and your capabilities to excel in your work matters. Our level of confidence can mean the difference between getting stuck in a job year after year or getting noticed for new and exciting opportunities, promotions or positions.

Confidence is a very attractive quality. When we exude confidence, we naturally attract others. People want to listen to what we have to say, they follow our lead and we are more able to positively influence outcomes.

Having confidence will not only help you to be noticed for the good work you do, you are more likely to take on new and challenging projects allowing you to grow your skills and experience.

Confidence is a fundamental foundation of your role as a leader. You cannot excel as a leader without it. Your team look to you for a sense of certainty and strong leadership. You must have confidence in your ability to lead your team, to communicate effectively, to make decisions and to take action. Without it your job as a leader will be a constant struggle.

I hear all too often from the leaders I work with that their number one challenge is their lack of confidence in their abilities as a leader. When they overcome their own negative thoughts and self doubt…. their role as a leader suddenly seems easier and much more fun.

There are a few simple tricks that can boost your confidence at work, whether you are suffering from a momentary lose of confidence or if self doubt been a long term companion.

Give these strategies a go and notice the difference in how you feel and what you can achieve.

  1. Delete negative self-talk. Nothing brings you down quite like the inner monologue constantly telling you that you’re not good enough. Take a moment to listen to what your inner critic is saying. Is it supporting you or is it constantly dragging you down? Make a commitment to yourself to no longer let your inner critic to run the show! For more on banishing the inner critic check this out.
  2. Fake it till you make it. Confidence is all about perception. Acting confidently is the first step to feeling confident. In the process of convincing others, you may actually convince yourself.
  3. Take courageous action. Accomplishing things that you don’t think possible is a sure fire way to boost your confidence. So say yes to that promotion, job opportunity, project or task which is outside your comfort zone… knowing that your confidence will only grow through taking courageous action.

    As a mentor has said to me often, say yes and then work out how. And you know what? It is through saying yes and working out how that my skills, knowledge and confidence have grown.

  4. Identify your strengths and capitalize on them. One of the best ways to build confidence is to get clear on what you are good at and find ways of integrating more of those into the work you do every day. When you focus on your strengths, you will notice that you are more energized, engaged, motivated and self-assured.
  5. Enjoy your job. Look around any workplace and you will notice those who enjoy their job stand out. They are engaged, positive, happy to contribute, proactive and cheerful. They are good to be around and have on the team. When we enjoy our job we give more, contribute more and take more courageous action. And with it our confidence grows.
  6. Don’t undermine yourself. So often when we feel a crisis of confidence it is obvious to others, in our body language, in our words and in our actions.

    When we shift how we hold ourselves physically (head up, standing tall, shoulders back and relaxed) it can have an immediate impact on how we feel about ourselves. So step forward and hold yourself powerfully. Find your power pose and go after what you want.

    Similarly, choose your words wisely. Never talk yourself down. (Women are often guilty of this).

  7. Look the part. Dress for success. The way we present ourselves impacts how we feel and how others perceive us. When we feel great about the image we are projecting, we automatically give off a sense of confidence in who we are and what we do.

Growing your confidence is key to building your leadership skills and your career. If self-doubt is holding you back from loving your work and getting the results you want, check out this program for more strategies for building your confidence.

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