'I will be a climate leader for you': Zali Steggall claims Tony Abbott's seat of Warringah

‘I will be a climate leader for you’: Zali Steggall claims Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah

Zali Steggal
Zali Steggall has claimed victory in the hotly contested seat of Warringah, ending former PM Tony Abbott’s 25 year run in the seat and declaring it a “vote for the future”.

She vowed to be a leader for climate, and said that we all benefit from diversity of opinion and must respect each other.

“Warringah has definitely voted for the future,” she said at her campaign party in Manly. “You all showed that when communities want change they make it happen.

“This is a win for moderates with a heart.

“Warringah, we have a new beginning for our environment.”

“I will be a climate leader for you and I will keep the new government to account and make sure we take action on climate change.

“I will push for real action, so our children and generations to come, they can enjoy the environment and our beautiful beaches, and our beautiful country, the way we enjoy it.

“We all benefit from the diversity of opinions, but we must all respect one another.

“And we must treat everyone, no matter what our backgrounds, our gender or sexual preferences,” she said.

She also said she would fight against corruption.

“And vested interest in politics. Warringah, I pledge that I will represent your views and your concerns and your needs.

“I will work collaboratively with all sides of politics so that we can achieve results and we can focus on the future and a positive discourse for the generations to come.”

Steggall thanked Tony Abbott, especially for his community spirit, his work ethic and contribution to the community.

She also thanked her more than 1400 volunteers and her family.

Tony Abbott said in his concession speech that he’d rather be a loser than a quitter.

“I congratulate Zali Steggall on what has been a magnificent win for her.”




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