Sam Kerr's thunderous right boot secures Matildas epic win

Sam Kerr’s thunderous right boot secures Matildas epic win

It’s official, Sam Kerr is a weapon. (And perhaps the best footballer in Australia right now, irrespective of gender.)

Last night, the Matildas defeated China in an epic showdown, thanks in large part to the thunderous right boot of Kerr who scored two of Australia’s three goals.

Kerr’s partner in last night’s nail-biter, Caitlin Foord, referred to her teammate as a goal-scoring phenomenon in a post match interview.

“She just keeps scoring goals, doesn’t she? I think it drives the team to be better.

“To know you have someone who can score goals when you need them is a good feeling to have. The hype around her and the team is very exciting. It kind of puts pressure on us to have to perform and it’s what Australia expects now,” she said.


The win is the Matildas’ sixth victory in a row off the back of success in the mid-year Tournament of Nations and double wins over Brazil in September.

For someone who scored just 8 goals in seven years, Kerr is clearly making up for lost time. In the last five appearances she’s played for Australia she’s tallied a whopping nine of them.

And this, is by far the best.



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