Women's Weekender: Everything you need on your read, listen & binge list

Women’s Weekender: For everything you need on your read, listen & binge list this week

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Content is everywhere, and to be honest, it can get confusing. So we’re collating the latest books, TV shows, podcasts and audiobooks for you to sink your teeth into every weekend. We’ll bring you the best titles thanks to our friends at Scribd so that you’re never on the dinner party conversation back-foot again.

On this week’s hit list? I look at one of the bestselling novels of 2020, the latest release by Casey McQuiston and a binge-worthy gem out now on Stan.

Meg Mason – Sorrow and Bliss

Never have I cried so consistently while reading a work of fiction. This novel takes us through the psychological mayhem that is facing Martha, a woman approaching her forties who has just left her perfect husband and perfect marriage. Well, it all seemed perfect on the surface — but surfaces are deceiving. 

The novel examines mental illness in a unique way – by not quite giving it a name. Mason’s tone is a comforting balance of comedy and pathos. 

The voice is entertainingly rich – Martha doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her hilarious relationship with her sister is heartfelt and reminiscent of Fleabag.

The writing is sharp, clean, short and to-the-point. There is no convoluted use of language here. Makes for the perfect winter read — if you’re okay with traversing the depths of modern womanhood. (And sobbing a bit). This book changed me in ways I didn’t expect. 

Listen to it being read in Audiobook here, on Scribd. 

Casey McQuiston – One Last Stop

August is a twenty-three-year-old, pessimistic loner moving to New York City. She doesn’t think she has much to look forward to, until one morning on the Q train she spots the most beautiful woman she’s ever set eyes on. 

The woman is Jane; charming, mysterious and gorgeous. She also looks like she doesn’t belong in this decade. In fact, August discovers that Jane is actually a punk rocker from the 70s. She has literally been travelling through time from the 70s into present day NYC. August is going to have to use everything she tried to leave in her past to help Jane return to her decade. But will their love save the day? 

McQuiston’s One Last Stop is a magical romance that has the same quirky, fun tone of the author’s first best selling book ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’. Like her debut novel, her second book focuses on the blossoming romance between two twenty-somethings who each have their personal struggles but a confidante and ally in one another.

Listen to this remarkably funny queer time travel rom-com as an Audiobook here, on Scribd. 

Chris Hammer – Scrublands 

Looking for the next heart-stopping crime novel to wrap yourself in? Look no further than Chris Hammer’s 2018 suspenseful masterpiece, Scrublands.

It follows the story of journalist Martin Scarsden, sent to a rural part of Australia to cover a human-interest story about the aftermath of a tragic mass shooting, and to help him get back on his feet after a traumatic experience on the Gaza strip.

Scarsden’s editor in Sydney instructs him to find out how the small town is coping a year after the loving local priest– a charasmatic and infamous man named Byron Swift– opened fire on five of his parishioners before being shot by a local police officer.

Scrublands would make a superb TV series – it’s filled to the brim with riveting characters, intriguing plots and explosive revelations.

Read or listen to it here, on Scribd.

Archie Roach – Tell Me Why: The Story of My Life and My Music (Audiobook)

Iconic Indigenous Australian singer songwriter and stolen generation Elder, Archie Roach has led an extraordinary life. We’ve all seen him sing and perform, but how many of us know about his story intimately?

Archie’s story spans an odyssey through love and heartbreak, family and community, survival and renewal. He talks about healing power of music and finding joy after great traumas.

Spend an afternoon with a hot cup of tea and be regaled by Australia’s consummate storyteller.

Download the audiobook now, or read it here on Scribd

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