Live Chat: The Burnout Year. Key tips for getting through

Live Chat: The Burnout Year. Key tips for getting through


We’re hosting a live webinar next Monday at lunchtime on the topic of burnout: An all-too familiar experience for thousands of Australian women this year. Don’t forget to register!

It’s been dubbed ‘The Burnout Year‘: A year like nothing we’ve seen before, and many women are feeling the brunt as a result of several intersecting factors.

One, is the economic fallout from the pandemic which has caused mass unemployment and job insecurity; with women’s industries and the part-time workforce hit hardest.

Another, is that parents, and especially mothers, have had to take significant time out of the workforce to juggle care responsibilities or “adapt” to managing working from home while homeschooling. While new mothers have had to navigate the trials of parenting through isolation and away from valuable support systems.

Then there’s the actual anxiety about the state of the country and the world, as well as anxiety about the wellbeing of elderly parents, relatives and/or friends. Or family and friends who are stuck overseas in more precarious regions.

And it’s a difficult reality knowing that these impacts will continue for the foreseeable future. It’s little wonder women are feeling overwhelmed and overstrung.

So we’re going to talk about it.

Next Monday, Women’s Agenda will be hosting a robust webcast panel with women who have not only experienced some of these impacts, but also understand some of the ways to lessen the risk of burnout; including recognising the signs and precursors to it occurring.

Best of all, it’s free for all.

Our lineup of panelists includes:

Georgie Dent: Contributing Editor on Women’s Agenda, Director of The Parenthood and author of ‘Breaking Badly’; a memoir that details Georgie’s own mental health challenges.

Naby Maryam: A leading entrepreneur and CEO/founder of CoverHero.

Dr Stacey Jenkins: Workplace & HR expert, as well as the Associate Head of School for the School of Management and Marketing at Charles Sturt University. 

The conversation will be moderated by Women’s Agenda’s Editor in Chief, Tarla Lambert.

This important chat comes thanks to our new section, Women’s Health News and our partnership with Charles Sturt University that has enabled us to launch this vital new weekly newsletter and content hub.

We hope you can join us! Register here.

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