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Michelle Bowden’s ultimate guide to presenting

Public speaking fills plenty of otherwise accomplished people with dread. For many, the idea that a project on which you’ve spent hundreds of hours will be assessed in a short presentation is simply terrifying. And if public speaking is not your thing, who would want to go to a presentation workshop full of practical activities?

The good news is that internationally renowned presentation expert and trainer Michelle Bowden has condensed her two-day presenting course into her book How to Present. The book is a revised and updated of her 2009 edition Don’t Picture Me Naked.
The book guides readers through identifying their objectives, structuring their message, designing and scripting their message and then a range of delivery techniques to help you cope and perform well during a presentation. It’s practical, fuss-free and easy to follow.

From these basics, Bowden goes onto outline some of the techniques that make presentations (and presenters) stand out. She discusses humour, rapport, exaggeration, language choice, repetition and body language.

How to Present is the kind of book you will keep picking up, flicking through and learning from for years to come.

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