“God forbid a woman could talk for 90 minutes,” ‘Good Morning Britain’ co-host Susanna Reid shot back. “I mean, something I could only dream of, frankly.”

Sports reporter, Lynsey Hooper added that Sparks’ performance was a watershed moment for female sports fans. “They have someone to relate to,” she said on the show.

“There are so many people that loved what Vicki did,” she said

Piers Morgan proceeded to take Cundy to task, comparing his own voice to Sparks’ and revealing the two were in the same pitch-range. “Your annoyance appears to be because they have too pitchy voices even though yours is just as pitchy, which seems to make you a sexist pig.”

Morgan then issued a sage warning to Cundy: “This is not a fight to pick. This is not a hill to die on.”

Cundy apparently agreed, later apologising on Twitter saying his comments had been “foolish” and “out of order”.

The truth is that sexism is still alive and well in sporting arenas. Examples like the above prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. But there’s hope. For the first time in a collective effort women (and men) are speaking out about the issue, they’re standing up and shaming the “sexist pigs” into silence, (or in the case of Jason Cundy, remorse).