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The summer make-up trick that works on everyone

While I don’t advocate getting lippy at work, I do recommend adding a little lippy to your beauty look, plus more this summer. Don’t neglect your lips, rather keep things soft and smooth, rather than dry and dull for a pretty pout and stunning smile this season.

Here are the four must haves

A nourishing balm
It all starts with the prep, so make sure you have a good quality balm at hand, at all times to avoid dry lips, but happily, not at any cost. I have expressed my devotion to Harraw! before, but if you’e missed it, here’s why these balms are little tubes of summery goodness for lips; they’re highly nourishing and made from 100% Organic and Vegan products, plus they only cost $6.95, so you can splurge on all flavours. Though, coconut is particularly appropriate for summer!

A sun protectant
What ever you do to your lips this summer, don’t forget to apply lip balm containing an SPF when you are in the sun. Lips are just like the rest of your skin — suseptible to burns. I can’t go past classic Chapsticks. Try the ChapStick Ultra SPF 30+ for hydration and protection in one when you aren’t in the office.

A scrub
Even if you are vigilant with a lip specific SPF and nourishing balms, wind burn at the beach and excess time in the sun over summer can cause chapped lips faster than your weekends seem to fill up over the silly season! High air-con levels can also dry out lips, and leave behind rough and cracked skin. Keep this at bay with a lip scrub. It’ll exfoliate away dead skin (just like your regular exfoliant for your face) but will taste a lot better, and have the right sized and shaped grains to buff without breaking the delicate skin on lips. Try the Bite Fruit Scrub in Whipped Cherry for a tasty and practical lip product.

A bold colour
Have you ever worn a bright and bold lip colour, with not a lot of other makeup, save for some well placed bronzer? If you answered no, leave your comptuer/ipad/phone and get yourself in front of a mirror and try it. How good does it look? So summery and so fresh. Even if your day job doesn’t leave a lot of room for beauty experimentation, keep this trick in mind for the weekends, or for that all important office Christmas party for the perfect summer look.

And if you are missing the perfect lip shade to try it for yourself, search no longer. The bellabox Pout Pencil in Coral Me Maybe is your answer. Just add bronzer and the bright colour will make teeth and the whites of yours eyes look much brighter and alive! Try it for yourself and see!

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