Female-led businesses you can get behind this Christmas

Female-led businesses you can get behind this Christmas

Everyone loves Christmas, but not everyone loves Christmas shopping. We’ve compiled a brief list of female-led businesses that offer up a bunch of gift options available online (with minimal stress!) (Partner Content)

Christmas is right around the corner, and as such it’s likely that familiar feeling of dread has begun to set in. Yes, we acknowledge how Grinchy that sounds, but the reality for many busy women is that Christmas is yet one more task on our infinite to-do list. How are we supposed to find the time to get to, let alone navigate Kmart?!

But there’s a way to eliminate this stress from your life while simultaneously supporting a whole host of excellent, female-led businesses this year. Below are our top picks (and all offer online shopping options!)

Freedom Filosofie

Founder, Bella Corke recognised a common frustration felt by many career-minded women: Why are work bags and laptop cases either too small and impractical or big and masculine?

Through her business Freedom Filosofie, Bella offers up a third option with a line of stunning and functional leather laptop bags in various styles and sizes.Like all working women, many of us all struggle to find that perfect bag that is both suitable for work and stylish for play, that can also easily fit in all the necessities for the day,” she tells us.

And right now Women’s Agenda readers can get 50% off all 2018 designs by using the code AGENDA18 at checkout!


An Australian company on a mission, Kristy Chong founded Modibodi to empower women, smash stigmas and deliver a long-term, sustainable replacement to single use disposable hygiene products like liners, pads and tampons.

Modibodi’s line of protective and leak-proof apparel, underwear and swimwear is designed for all modern women experiencing incontinence and periods.

Moreover, Modibodi supports and champions other vital organisations for women like Share the Dignity and Days for Girls. Chong and her team also launched their own program ‘GIVE A PAIR’ to deliver Modibodi products to Australian women in crisis; since supplying thousands of pairs of underpants to shelters across Australia.

Ithas Gourmet Foods

Led by Mandy Krywulycz, Ithas Gourmet Foods is a business that knows exactly what we all want at Christmas: Dessert!

Ithas’ product line includes delicious, handmade puddings, sauces, cakes, biscuits and hampers, as well as options to build your own customised boxes for corporate gifts with a personal touch.

The business has been operating for over 10 years, with a traditional family recipe passed down through generations. Itha’s products are made with best quality fruit and ingredients that are sure to please everyone at the table.


After losing two grandmothers in the same year, Indian-Australian Shaheen Hughes left a fast-paced corporate job in 2015 to launch her venture ‘Spicemama’. She told SBS she “felt the need to remember their [her grandmothers’] recipes and food stories” and to “stay connected to our roots as migrants”.

Shaheen’s spice mixes are hand roasted and ground, selling in retailers across Perth and online. She and her mother also teach a cooking class twice a month in the pursuit of demystifying Indian cooking. Surely the right gift for all the adventurous, foodies in your life!

Zadi Training

Founded by Adala Bolto and Diana Williams, Zadi Training offers various workout regimes and classes to busy women in Sydney. Incorporating HIIT, strength, cardio and core training programs, a Zadi membership is the right gift for anyone you know who might be looking to get fit in the new year (and work off those Ithas puddings!)


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