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Drop the ‘mean girls’ opportunism

The Women's Agenda Podcast

Ash Barty’s retired from tennis, demonstrating the perfect way to exit a career: on a high and without the ego.

Plus, we look at the ‘mean girls’ opportunism that has come into Australian politics and media.

And what are young women concerned about when it comes to choosing a career? It seems the opinions of others and desires to pick something with a linear career path continue.

Plus: do emojis make you look unprofessional? We debate the issue.

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Stories discussed this week include:

Ash Barty announces retirement from professional tennis

Flexible uniform policies are key to keeping girls and women in sport

‘You are killing women’: Senator Karen Berg slams Kentucky’s restrictive abortion bill

Honouring Kimberley Kitching’s life & legacy? Let’s drop the political “mean girls” opportunism

‘Penny Wong is not a nice person’ says Mark Latham, the poster child for kindness & empathy

Young women more anxious than ever about future career prospects, new research suggests

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