One of 23 CEOs a woman? And how to say No - Women's Agenda

One of 23 CEOs a woman? And how to say No

The Women's Agenda Podcast

Do you say yes to a lot of things you don’t want to say yes to? You’re far from alone.

Our special guest on the podcast this week is Grace Jennings-Edquist, author of The Yes Woman (interview starts around the 23 minute mark).

Also, we’re exploring some wins for women, including the countries decriminalizing abortion (against the tide of strange and horrendous new laws in Texas) and the documentary on Julia Gillard’s time in office that truly documents what went on.

Meanwhile, just one of the 23 CEOs appointed to lead ASX 300 entities over the past year have been female. How has there been pretty much zero progress on these figures in the past few years?

We also take a look at the outcomes (or lack thereof) of the much-anticipated Women’s Safety Summit.

You can find all of the key issues discussed on our website.

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