Women making noise and having a load of burnout

Women making noise and having a load of burnout

The Women's Agenda Podcast

Are we headed towards “The Great Burnout”, or are we possible already there? The concerns are in, and although lockdowns have ended across major Australian cities (for now), the longtail of this exhausting period remains. So what comes next?

We discuss all this and much more on The Women’s Agenda Podcast.

Also, women have been making plenty of noise, especially on climate action over the past couple of weeks with COP26 in Glasgow. It’s inspiring. It’s getting attention. But will the decision-makers (who are mostly men) actually listen?

Meanwhile, what’s with the Australian Prime Minister’s inability to apologise? We’ve noticed a pattern.

And are women missing out on the crypto bandwagon? We look at the stats, and some of the key tips for getting started.

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