A war survivor & lawyer on writing it down

A war survivor & lawyer on writing it down

Leila Chalk fled war-torn Bosnia as a child. Now the lawyer, business owner and mother opens up on techniques to help cope with the collective trauma and sense of loss many are feeling during the Pandemic, and as we transition into a ‘new normal’.

She shares how she personally caught up on missed schooling to later obtain a law degree and open her own law firm.

And why she’s just published an ‘isolation journal’ to help others navigate this period and beyond.

She joins Angela Priestley for this discussion on her incredible back story, how she moved past the lost years of school, journaling, why parents are living through a ‘fifth trimester’ right now, and more.

(Apologies, some audio disruptions!)

More on Leila below:

Leila’s experience as a refugee and asylum seeker started when she entered Croatia in the summer of 1994. After spending fifteen months in a processing camp in Croatia, and her family were able to obtain visas to Australia, bringing home a young expatriate child who spoke no English. 

Leila is now the principal solicitor at law firm Forty Four Degrees, an author, public speaker and an obsessed baker. A self-confessed “meddler”, Leila is passionate about nurturing individuals who are on the verge of achieving their dream, via the work she does as a business strategist through her law firm. Her recent work with The Modmarkit saw over 4000 people involved in empowerment activities for women.

She’s just published Australia’s first ‘Isolation Journal’. Her website is leilachalk.com