Podcast: It pays to appoint female CEOs. So where are they?

Podcast: It pays to appoint female CEOs. So where are they?

The Women's Agenda Podcast

The numbers tell the story: just ten of the 200 CEOs leading our top listed organisations are female.

It’s actually going backwards. Worse, the roles that typically lead to CEO positions are still also dominated by men.

Are there not enough “meritorious” women in the country? Hardly.

Does appointing women to more boards and executive positions aid company profitability? Yes! it makes a significant financial difference, according to recent research.

Shivani Gopal and Angela Priestley talk the latest research, and also look at a new investor led initiative being led by HESTA that’s aiming to significantly shift the dial. They ask, what’s going on and needs to change?

In this episode we also hear from Debby Blakey, the CEO of HESTA.

Stories discussed in this episode include:

Just 1 woman among 25 CEOs appointed in past year. We need a reset and in 2020 we’ve been given one

HESTA to lead fund managers in campaign for 40% women executives in ASX200

It can seriously pay to get more women into leadership. This new research shows how

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