'I'm not relying on evidence' says Jim Molan, confirming what we already know

‘I’m not relying on evidence’ says Jim Molan, confirming what we already know

Climate change denying Liberal Senator Jim Molan has confirmed he’s not relying on evidence when he shares his views on climate change.

He said his mind’s still open when it comes to whether climate change was human-induced, and refuted the idea that the “science is settled” on the matter.

“I respect very much scientific opinion but every day across my desk comes enough information for me to say that there are other opinions.”

He made the comments in front of a Queanbeyan audience made up of numerous people affected by the bushfire disaster, and in front of fellow panellist Kristy McBain, the Mayor of Bega, who has largely been praised for her response to the fire crisis.

When asked what evidence he was relying on, Senator Molan responded. “I’m not relying on evidence”.

Which, unsurprising, saw the crowd erupt in boos and even laugher.

Molan made the comments during the Q&A special on Australia’s bushfire crisis, in what was at many times an emotional episode, with people who had lost houses and businesses directly asking questions.

Why somebody who “doesn’t rely on evidence” is a taxpayer paid senator in the Australian Government is ridiculous. As is why he was given a place at the table on this issue, and consequently able to derail a program that should have discussed proactive approaches for dealing with the bushfire crisis and address climate action.

Thankfully, the Australian Academy of Science is here to help, tweeting about a their handy “clear & easy-to-understand” explainer that they have put together to address information in the public domain.

Geophysicist and climatologist Professor Michael Mann told the panel Monday night that things could get worse in Australia if the world doesn’t act immediately to address climate change.

“For every scientific institution in the world that’s weighed in on this matter, climate change is real,” he said. “It’s human caused. It’s already leading to disastrous impacts here in Australia and around the rest of the world. And it will get much worse if we don’t act.”

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