This business is giving staff $1500 to spend in bushfire communities

This business is giving staff $1500 to spend in bushfire affected communities

Every employee will be gifted $1,500 to spend in bush fire affected communities, following an announcement by the CEO of  Canberra Data Centres.

Greg Boorer, who heads a team of roughly 90 employees at the business said in his email to staff that he wanted to “acknowledge the sacrifice, hard work and commitment to the CDC business that all CDC staff, in particular the operational and engineering teams, have demonstrated over this difficult summer period.”

Boorer also announced he would increase the spending allowance for those in the the Operations and Engineering teams to $3000, as well as provide a paid day of leave so employees can “enjoy a long weekend to spend the funds.”

“The funds can be spend on anything you like, whether it be hotels, campgrounds, food, attractions, fuel or even filing up your empty esky,” Boorer said in an email to his staff. “The money just needs to be spent in a bush fire affected community.” 

Boorer said he wanted to “do something to help those people and I would like to do something to thank everyone at CDC. Perhaps we can try and make the most of what is usually the best time of year instead of what we have suffered through this year?”

Boorer, who has been in the role of CEO for more than 12 years, is following the lead of several other companies who have incentivised their commitment to supporting the hundreds of thousands of Australians who have been directly impacted by the bush fires.

His announcement on Friday afternoon comes off the back of Microsoft’s announcement last week that it was granting staff three-days leave to visit and spend money in fire-affected communities.

On social media, support has been mounting with a number of campaigns encouraging people to travel to affected areas and support local businesses; including @buyfromthebush, @spendwiththem, and #GoWithEmptyEskys.


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