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Georgina Dent
Georgina Dent
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Georgina is a journalist, an editor, and a passionate advocate for gender equality. The former lawyer is a regular media commentator, public speaker, MC and is the contributing editor of Women's Agenda.

A confession: I work flexibly

A while back we ran an article on Women’s Agenda about employers that don’t ‘do’ flexibility. Before we published the piece I had a coffee with the author, Kate Mills, who…

Who does tolerance hurt?

I have already written that I watched British journalist Peter Hitchens on Q&A with disbelief on Monday night. I also explained how my disbelief quickly grew into raging, visceral anger. As unpala…

Tony Abbott’s silence a surprise

When our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, appointed himself the minister for women there were two obvious explanations. Either he cared about the portfolio so much that he wanted to manage it himself, or,…

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