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Georgina Dent
Georgina Dent
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Georgina is a journalist, an editor, and a passionate advocate for gender equality. The former lawyer is a regular media commentator, public speaker, MC and is the contributing editor of Women's Agenda.

What TV taught me about hate

On Sunday night I appeared on a television program called Paul Murray Live on Sky News. I was invited, as the acting editor of Women’s Agenda, to be part of a panel to discuss the weekend storie…

Why my marriage looks old fashioned

After writing about my hellish experience finding suitable childcare for our daughters a reader asked a very valid question in the comments section. If I have a partner where was he in all of it? She …

Three quick wins for Tony Abbott

He will be sworn in as Prime Minister any day now but according to Sydney Morning Herald’s political editor Peter Hartcher Tony Abbott is “the first unpopular Opposition Leader to win an e…

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