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Gone Girl: Film review

There are few words reviewers can apply to thrillers and suspense films that are more clichéd than “Hitchcockian.” There are also few directors whose body of work is more suited to that label than Ame…

Lucy: Film review

Combine the words “drug users” and “films” and one imagines a blur of downers and unpleasantries: grotty apartments, wan-looking addicts with beanies and scabs, vomit-lined gutters, bullet-ridden men …

The Face of Love: Film review

The Face of Love is the second film this year to explore the idea of doppelgangers by casting the same actor in two different roles. The first was Richard Ayoade’s The Double in which nobody noticed t…

Tracks: film review

Director John Curran’s Tracks is a road trip film with a twist: there is no road, there is no car, and the journey revolves around one person. Mia Wasikowska plays Robyn Davidson, a real-life fr…

Film review: 12 years a slave

Slavery will always be a hot button issue for the American film industry, and there is something endlessly horrifying about watching depictions of it. As Quentin Tarantino reminded us in Django Unchai…

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