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Marina Go is Chair of Ovarian Cancer Australia, a non-executive director of Energy Australia, Autosports Group, 7-Eleven, Pro-Pac, and The Walkley Foundation, Chair of the Advisory Board for the Centre For Media Transition at the University of Technology Sydney, a director of PWC’s Diversity Advisory Board, and author of the business book for women, Break Through: 20 Success Strategies for Female Leaders. Boss magazine named her as one of 20 True Leaders of 2016. Marina has over 25 years of leadership experience in the media industry, having started her career as a journalist. She is the Chair of childcare marketplace platform Juggle Street and was a founder of the female leadership website Women’s Agenda. Marina is the Diversity Champion and former Chair of the Wests Tigers NRL Club. She has an MBA from The Australian Graduate School of Management and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Why I have changed my mind on quotas

For my entire career I have fought hard for merit-based rewards and promotion. I have worked hard, done my time, filled in the gaps with study where necessary. My philosophy has been that if you work …

Living with the fear of bushfire

A couple of days ago it was forecast that today would be the worst for the bushfires burning in various parts of NSW. Hundreds of homes have been lost and yet the worst may be yet to come. It’s …

Eight things no woman wants to hear

If your career is your driving passion then you will expect to be given as many opportunities in your workplace as the guy next to you. We know it doesn’t always quite work out that way. To add …

What does work/life balance actually mean?

I read a lot of articles about managing work/life balance because there is a lot of it about. In the past few years there has been a veritable explosion in writing that focuses specifically on the top…

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