Cartier's Women's Initiative soars in 2024 with 33 global impact entrepreneurs showcased

Cartier’s Women’s Initiative soars in 2024 with 33 global impact entrepreneurs showcased

The theme of this year’s Cartier Women’s Initiative, “Forces for Good,” perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the 33 women celebrated through the program.

Having just returned from four days in Shenzhen, often called “China’s Silicon Valley,” I’m still buzzing from meeting so many dynamic, socially-driven entrepreneurs who are literally reshaping the world.

From health tech to environmental innovation and everything in between, the 33 recipients were recognised on Wednesday evening for their exceptional work. This included three women from the Oceania region: Alison Harrington, founder of the therapeutic dementia tech solution Resparke, Frances Bilbao, founder of Mums Matter Psychology, and Simran Kaur, founder of Girls That Invest.

Since its inception in 2006, the Cartier Women’s Initiative has expanded to encompass 11 categories, including nine regional awards and two thematic awards: the “Science & Technology Pioneer Award,” launched in 2021, and the “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award,” introduced in 2023.

For these categories, a jury selects the top three applicants, awarding $100,000, $60,000, and $30,000 in grant funding for first, second, and third place respectively. Beyond the financial rewards, these awardees join the “Fellows” community, gaining access to tailored mentoring and coaching, media visibility, networking opportunities, and education courses from the leading business school INSEAD, further empowering them in their entrepreneurial journey.

Several entrepreneurs in the program noted their frustration with securing investment and the process of capital raising. Cartier’s commitment serves to support many of these impact ventures at a critical time, enabling ongoing growth.

This commitment is echoed at all levels of Cartier’s leadership team, with many directly involved in the event and in attendance at the ceremony.

For Wingee Sin, the program’s director, the business rationale is simple: “We have the chance to do what we care about, put in the hard work, and actually have an impact,” she says, adding, “We all have a role in creating the change we want to see. I’m just proud of doing something I care about and the program’s growth over 17 years.”

Cartier Women’s Initiative – 2024 Awardees

The eleven first-place awardees

• Latin America and the Caribbean: Marlene Molero Suárez, Peru, ELSA

• North America: Julia Taylor, United States, GeekPack

• Europe: Mira Nameth, United Kingdom, Biophilica

• Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa: Isabelle Kamariza, Rwanda, Solid’Africa

• Anglophone and Lusophone Africa: Titi Adewusi, Nigeria, 9ijakids

• Middle East and North Africa: Salma Bougarrani, Morocco, GREEN WATECH

• East Asia: Jiwon Park, South Korea, SAIB

• South Asia and Central Asia: Mansi Jain, India, DigitalPaani

• Oceania: Simran Kaur, New Zealand, Girls That Invest

• Science & Technology Pioneer Award: Lynne Lim, Singapore, NousQ

• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award: Sadriye Görece, United States, BlindLook

The eleven second-place awardees

• Latin America and the Caribbean: Isabela Chusid, Brazil, Linus

• North America: Jessica Menon, United States, Equilo

• Europe: Amaia Rodríguez, Spain, Gravity Wave

• Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa: Jessica Long, Senegal, Maad

• Anglophone and Lusophone Africa: Claire Van Enk, Kenya, Farm to Feed

• Middle East and North Africa: Rania Gaafar, Egypt, ADVA

• East Asia: Emily Yu, China, Ginger Ah

• South Asia and Central Asia: Ira Guha, India, Asan

• Oceania: Alison Harrington, Australia, Resparke

• Science & Technology Pioneer Award: Ninna Granucci, France, Green Spot Technologies

• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award: Akshita Sachdeva, India, Trestle Labs

The eleven third-place awardees

• Latin America and the Caribbean: Mercedes Bidart, Colombia, Quipu

• North America: Kyla Bolden, Canada, Wiz Kid Learning

• Europe: Laura Harnett, United Kingdom, Seep

• Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa: Victoria Munguti, Rwanda, HeptaPay

• Anglophone and Lusophone Africa: June Muchuku, Kenya, Plumbee

• Middle East and North Africa: Shahira Youssef, Egypt, Chitosan Egypt

• East Asia: Xintong Du, China, VoiceChanger

• South Asia and Central Asia: Marina Tran-Vu, Vietnam, EQUO

• Oceania: Frances Bilbao, Australia, Mums Matter Psychology

• Science & Technology Pioneer Award: Monika Tomecka, Scotland and Poland, uFraction8

• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award: Erica Cole, United States, No Limbits

** Women’s Agenda’s editor was a guest of the 2024 Cartier Women’s Initiative program


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