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The Keynotes

The Keynotes is a Women’s Agenda app supporting employers to empower their emerging and established leaders to respond to the biggest challenges of our time.

The App features:


A Netflix-style library of ‘mini keynotes’ sessions from women


Curated reports on current and emerging issues impacting diverse teams.


Real-time insights on gender diversity in Australia

What can emerging and established leaders learn?

The video series and insights are carefully curated by the Women’s Agenda editorial team to address the latest issues and themes that aspiring and evolving leaders need to be across.

With 40 keynote videos already provided, and new content loaded every week, The Keynotes presents learnings across six core areas including:

Leadership | Wellbeing | Politics & Social Impact | AI and STEM | Business & Entrepreneurship | Current Affairs

The content is filmed exclusively for The Keynotes, and intentionally designed to be engaging, sharp and direct to the point. The sessions are 10 to 15 minutes long.

Why Women’s Agenda and The Keynotes?

We’ve interviewed thousands of incredible women leaders and social changemakers and understand the opportunity to create a curated space for curious minds to stay current on the latest lessons, ideas and insights.

As a 100 per cent women owned and run independent daily news business, our team is constantly across the key issues affecting women’s empowerment and opportunity in Australia, as well as the latest research and figures concerning gender diversity.

How can I access The Keynotes?

To learn about packages for ten or more of your team-members to access The Keynotes, get in contact:


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