Dr Anna Boltong appointed CEO of Ovarian Cancer Australia

Associate Professor Anna Boltong appointed CEO of Ovarian Cancer Australia

Associate Professor Anna Boltong has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Ovarian Cancer Australia, the leading independent charity for women and those impacted by this gynaecological cancer. 

“Anna has a deep passion for improving outcomes for women impacted by Ovarian Cancer,” said the Chair of Ovarian Cancer Australia, Meghan Speers, speaking about the announcement.

“[She] brings a wealth of knowledge driving system change within the cancer space and we were impressed at her approach to collaboration both internally within organisations, but also across the sector.”

Dr Boltong’s diverse experience extends through clinical practice, education, service management, administration, strategic planning, policy development and senior executive roles. Her most recent position was as the Head of Cancer Information and Support Services at Cancer Council Victoria, in Melbourne– here, she played a pivotal role in shaping the forthcoming Australian Cancer Plan.

On November 27th, Dr Boltong will step into the role of CEO at Ovarian Cancer Australia, succeeding Jane Hill, who has held the position for 8 years. 

“I am thrilled to carry on Jane’s work,” said Dr Boltong. “Under her leadership, OCA has inspired us with their timeless advocacy on behalf of women in Australia, and I look forward to continuing this important work.”

Hill will be assisting with the transition until Dr Boltong’s commencement to ensure there is a comprehensive handover and effective continuity, the organisation has noted.

“Our people Board and Community are so very grateful for Jane’s leadership and her genuine passion for our mission,” Spears said about the end of Hill’s time as CEO. 

Under Hill’s leadership, over 1000 women benefited from the national service, with the organisation saying she was instrumental in building OCA’s financial position and growing its impact.


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