BlakCast set to change podcast scene for First Nations Australians

BlakCast set to change podcast scene for First Nations Australians


Australia’s first network of podcasts highlighting stories of First Nations Peoples and people of colour has launched this week. BlakCast will feature a range of shows focusing on Indigenous communities and other Australians from minority backgrounds.

The woman behind the project, Mundanara Bayles, hopes that the podcasts give First Nations Peoples and people of colour a chance to reclaim their narratives, strengthen cultural identity and contribute to the inclusive Australia they want to see, and hear.

“This is the next generation,” she said at the launch in Sydney on Wednesday morning, where she was surrounded by several First Nations podcasters and media personalities. “I want you to remember that you’re looking at the next generation of media, business entrepreneurs – they’re gonna do something big.”

“And from today onwards, having our own media platform, these brothers can probably start a podcast tomorrow. They don’t need to wait till they get older or till they get recognised to get that tap on the shoulder.”

“What’s important about this network is that we inspire the younger generation to do what they wanna do and to be able to reach their full potential in this country.” 

“It is my intention that Black Cast will empower first nations people and people of colour to reclaim their narratives, strengthen cultural identity and contribute to a more inclusive Australia. We are proud to showcase exciting emergent talent from our communities.”

“Whilst also improving cultural and socio-economic outcomes, Black Cast podcast will be conceived of developed by and proudly platform, First Nations, Black and People of Colour.

“I promise that you that we will hold space for the celebration of indigenous knowledge and diverse perspectives just like my grandmother and father did before me again.” 

Mundanara, who has worked as an entrepreneur, educator, and public speaker for several years, roped in the support of Producer and longtime family friend Clint Curtis and Network Advisor Jamila Rizvi to create BlakCast.

Partnering with ARN’s iHeart, Australia’s top podcast publisher, the network will seek to drive revenue and audiences for new and diverse talent across the country. 

BlakCast’s podcasts include Black Magic Woman (which Mundanara launched in 2020 and continues to host) Yarning Up, Curtain the Podcast, Unapologetically Blak, Meet the Moband Coming Out Black

The shows range from exploring First Nations queer identity, LGBTQ+ issues that affect Indigenous people, generational trauma, to interviews with Black business leaders, sporting icons and regional community leaders. 

Mundanara’s father, Tiga Bayles was a pioneer in Indigenous media who used his platform as inaugural chair of the NSWALC to champion the rights of Aboriginal people across NSW in the 1980s.

In 2013, Mundanara co-founded consultancy and cultural training organisation BlackCard with Dr Lilla Watson, a respected Aboriginal elder, artist, educator and course developer.

When Mundanara was named this year’s Supply Nation’s Indigenous Businesswoman of the Year, she said that she hoped she can “inspire more young Aboriginal girls to start dreaming big.”

“And to start thinking at a young age of running a business and being an entrepreneur and to know and believe that we are in control of our destiny,” Bayles told National Indigenous Times.

“We are in the driver’s seat, so we need our young people in particular to create positive mindsets and to know that we are in charge of our futures.

“If we want to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and start creating intergenerational wealth, then being in business will give us a head start.”

Corey Layton, Head of Digital Audio at iHeart, said that he was “proud” of Mundanara’s continuing legacy in producing podcasts. 

“She [is building] on her family legacy in broadcast, guiding, amplifying, and monetising a large array of Australia’s best Indigenous podcasts,” Layton said. “This presents an exciting evolution in the iHeart network which we’re committed to grow”.


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