'Cost-cutting': Fox Sports axes popular presenter Neroli Meadows

‘Cost-cutting’: Fox Sports axes popular presenter Neroli Meadows

Neroli Meadows
Fox Sports has parted way with high-profile journalist and presenter Neroli Meadows, according to a report from the Herald Sun.

Meadows has been dropped from Fox after more than a decade with the TV network. It is reported the decision came about due to “cost-cutting” measures.

In recent years, Meadows has become of the most recognised and respected voices in sports media.

She’s been a major fixture in both AFL and cricket coverage, having hosted the popular program On the Mark, as well as AFL Tonight. The journalist was also one of the faces of Fox Cricket last year, having held a prominent role in the ICC Cricket World Cup coverage.

Well-known for her in-depth one-on-one interviews with players, Meadows has been praised as one of “the best in the business” by media figures.

The decision to drop Meadows has been met with disbelief from others within the industry, with veteran cricket writer Peter Lalor saying he was “stunned and saddened” by the move.

“I’ve watched her work on cricket for over 10 years. Neroli is one of the best in the business. Hard working, smart and well connected. Breaks news. Gets great interviews. Knows footy & cricket inside out. This is terrible,” Lalor wrote.


According to the Herald Sun, it’s reported that Meadows may have fallen out of favour with Fox Sports executives after taking on a new gig as a host of the short-lived revamp on The Footy Show on the Nine Network earlier this year.

At a time when women’s voices in sports journalism and commentary are badly needed, Fox’s decision to axe one of their most esteemed, female journalists will no doubt prove costly. Meadows will be snatched up by a rival network in no time.

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