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Selecting a new employer: What does it for you?

You’ve no doubt seen the marketing materials: large employers pushing their gender diversity initiatives in order to attract talented female employees.

But whether such initiatives actually deliver sustainable results is another matter. They may attract women, but retaining them is a whole new challenge. We only need to look at the dismal number of women in senior executive roles to know that for all the attention some employers give to gender diversity, something’s not quite working for the women they claim to support when it comes to climbing the leadership ladder.

As many of us well know, having access to a ‘mentoring group’ looks great on a company’s website, but it’s not exactly key to the inner executive circle. Leadership programs are wonderful – but perhaps you feel you’ve studied enough. And if you’re not having kids, then a generous maternity leave scheme is hardly going to get you across the line.

Perhaps you’ve experience unconscious or even conscious bias. If that’s the case, then even the best initiatives can’t make up for a company culture that’s fundamentally flawed.

We want to know what companies can do to better attract and retain you. What turns you off from an employer? What encourages you to believe a potential employer is supportive of women? What gender-based initiatives do you actually care about?

Spend four minutes answering our simple survey and let us know. We’re looking to share a collective answer to these questions with Australian employers.

We’ll be collating the results and bringing you a full report in July. We’re looking to hear from women in and out of the corporate world, as well as those who’ve started their own businesses.

So let us know your opinions today.

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