Most sexist comments of the year 'awarded' with Alan Jones taking gold

The most sexist comments of the year ‘awarded’ with Alan Jones taking gold

Alan Jones took out the Gold Ernie Award for Sexism at the annual Ernie Awards last night, despite being a late runner in a competitive field.

Jones’ on-air comment that he hoped Prime Minister Scott Morrison would get,“tough here with a few backhanders.. She’s a clown, Jacinda Ardern… I just wonder whether Scott Morrison is going to be fully briefed to shove a sock down her throat”, was enough to nab the title for the 2BG broadcaster.

Sadly he wasn’t there to collect his trophy, although some of the 330 plus people in the room would have been keen to have a word with him.

But despite Jones being an obvious candidate for the top prize, there was still plenty of competition for the most sexist comments of the year.

Morrison himself took out the ‘Political Ernie’ for his International Women’s Day comment that, “It’s not in our values to push some people down to lift some people up. That is true of gender equality. We don’t want to see women rise only on the basis of others doing worse.”

Now in their 27th year, Ernies founder Meredith Burgmann probably never expected to still be running this event almost three decades later.

Winners are picked on the night, according to who gets the loudest boos as each comment is read aloud.

All up, there were 243 nominations this year across the six categories, with money raised on the night going to women’s organization Djirra.

Last night, attendees were asked to dress “equal pay”, with inspiration from the US soccer team, Edna Ryan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg among others

Other award winners included:

Celebrity Silver Ernie 

Author John Marsden: “Men who feel rage as a result of the failure of their mothers to effectively manage the inevitable eventual separation between mothers and their sons…are highly likely to project that rage onto future intimate partners, and often all women.” 

Sport Silver Ernie (The Warney)

Channel 7AFL for removing the photo of Tayla Harris kicking the football rather than moderating the trolls commenting on the thread. 

Judicial Silver Ernie

Police Officer Neil Punchard: For giving a woman’s details to her violent former husband, texting “just tell her you know where she lives and leave it at that. Lol. She will flip.”

Industrial Silver Ernie  

John Setka, CFMEU Secretary for telling the CFMEU executive that the work of Rosie Batty had led to men having fewer rights.

The Elaine (for remarks least helpful to the Sisterhood)

Bettina  Arndt – “Feminism…It’s all about rules and regulations to advantage women at the expense of men. Constant male bashing. False accusations of violence being used to destroy men’s lives. Women denying men access to their children. There are endless rules in our society now which are about demonising men.”

The Good Ernie (For Boys Behaving Better) Dead heat

Rev Simon Hansford, Head of the Uniting Church in NSW, said while “the sacredness of life” must be respected, “Christians are called to respond to life with compassion and generosity. Abortion is a health and social issue and should not be a criminal issue.”

Victorian Assistant Police Commissioner Luke Cornelius after the murder of another woman in a public place – “The key point is that this is about men’s behaviour, it’s not about women’s behaviour.” 

The Trump (for repeat offender) 

Alan Jones

Other comments that were serious contenders included:

Deputy PM Michael McCormack argued that the Nationals do not have a problem with recruiting women because “both women in the federal party room…are ministers”

Family man, Nationals MP Andrew Broad writing to a Sugar Baby website “I’m a country guy so I know how to fly a plane, ride a horse and f**k my woman”

Scott Morrison, for his smirky reference to Julian Assange supporter Pamela Anderson, “I’ve had plenty of mates who’ve asked me if they can be my special envoy to sort the issue out with Pamela Anderson.”

Coalition Senator Eric Abetz opposed quotas for women with  “Look at the Labor side of the Parliament and you can see what quotas do and it ain’t a good look”.

Lobbyist Grahame Morris still on quotas: “Look at some of the dregs behind Bill Shorten who are just there to make up the numbers”.

Former PM John Howard callding quotas ‘patronising’, while speaking at exclusive Brisbane Tattersall’s Club which doesn’t allow female members.

Tony Abbott reportedly telling Julie Bishop when she rang him for support, “Why would I vote for Malcolm in a skirt?”

Senator Barry O’Sullivan “I am going to declare my gender today, as I can, to be a woman, and then you’ll no longer be able to attack me”.

Steve Dickson, Queensland One Nation leader, visiting a strip club in Washington DC, “Now that young lady has a wonderful set of cahoonas”

Steve Price on AFLW final “I don’t have a problem with them playing, I just don’t like watching it because I don’t think it’s very good.”

Channel 7 for deciding to televise the Wimbledon match of Nick Kyrios instead of newly crowned World Number One Ash Barty.

ABC Chair Justin Milne was accused of referring to ABC MD Michelle Guthrie as “the missus”

The Block host Scott Cam commented on a good result for contestants with “Not bad for a couple of single girls, aye!”

Channel 7 for deciding to televise the Wimbledon match of Nick Kyrios instead of newly crowned World Number One Ash Barty.

ABC Chair Justin Milne was accused of referring to ABC MD Michelle Guthrie as “the missus”






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