Finland's 34yo PM stuns world on paid parental leave. What was Weinstein's lawyer thinking?

Finland’s 34yo PM stuns world on paid parental leave. What was Weinstein’s lawyer thinking?

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We are back! With a new line up of familiar and new co-hosts, the Women’s Agenda Podcast is back in 2020 and going bigger than ever before.

This week, Georgie Dent and Angela Priestley talk leadership brightspots from across the globe, after what’s been a particularly challenging start to the decade.

We go to Finland, where 34 year old Prime Minister Sanna Marin has announced a paid parental leave scheme that will give ALL parents almost seven months leave.

To New Zealand, where Jacinda Ardern is talking climate action to get on the “right side of history”.

And back to Australia, where Independent MP Zali Steggall is pushing to end the stalemate on moving Australia forward on climate.

AND we catch up with contributor Kristine Ziwica who shares her take on Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer Donna Rotunno, who made headlines this week after telling the New York Times that she has never experienced sexual assault because she, “would never put myself in that position.” Yes, really.

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