How to build true body empowerment (and steer clear of Instagram fakery)

How to build true body empowerment (and steer clear of Instagram fakery)

Body empowerment is something that's critical for women of all ages, made easier by healthy eating and regular fitness.

It is important to feel empowered within your body, free from anyone else’s expectations. Body empowerment has zilch to do with Instagram perfection and everything to do with feeling healthy and strong so your mental health and physical wellbeing thrive.

The notion of body empowerment has become more topical in recent years but it goes beyond anything on Instagram. While it can be challenging to get over society’s view of what an ideal body is, it’s vital to feel good about yourself.

That being said, feeling and looking healthy can help you feel empowered. So how do you do it?

Set yourself a workout routine and stick with it

Sticking to a routine is a challenge that many women face, and that’s why it’s important to pick a workout routine, and a realistic schedule that doesn’t set the bar too high.

No one becomes a fitness freak or athlete overnight, and you’re no exception. Don’t panic if life’s thwarting your intentions to get to a gym or regular classes. Exercising can be as simple as finding a favourite app to guide you, or doing some leisurely lunges or a light jog in the park at lunch time.

The health benefits of working out are numerous, but sometimes the pressure can feel crippling. Stick to a schedule and level of activity that works for you, and will get you used to having this as part of your typical week.

Gradually introduce healthy eating into your diet

It is well-known that introducing a new diet can be difficult for those who are not used to watching what they eat or sticking to a specific routine.

However, with so much fast and unhealthy food available, it is easier than ever to become negligent about your diet. Whilst it shouldn’t matter what you look like physically, the damage that unhealthy food can do to your health over time is severe. If you’re working towards a healthy eating regime, you shouldn’t aim to completely overhaul your current diet.

Find a variety of meals that appeal to you for breakfast, lunch and dinner and try to introduce healthier habits and more nutritious meals into your diet slowly. This could start with minor things, like replacing a meal with a salad or snacking on nuts or fruit instead of chips and chocolate. Indeed, it is often the most comfortable and most affordable options that are the most unhealthy and damaging to our bodies.

A diet consisting of healthy foods like complex carbohydrates, protein and good fats is needed to help your body grow and perform its essential functions. Therefore, it is recommended that you take small steps and gradually build up to larger goals of healthy eating to get the most success. Combine this with a solid workout routine, and you will see significant changes.

Take photos of yourself

Taking photos of yourself doesn’t mean you have to post them on social media or show them off to the world (unless you want to!).

They allow you to track your progress and empower you when you see how far you have come. Seeing these changes as a result of your hard work and ethic can provide a sense of fulfilment, and enable you to become stronger and healthier both mentally and physically.

Body empowerment is something that’s critical for women of all ages, made easier by healthy eating and regular fitness. Through some effort and being kind to yourself, you can achieve your goals, improve your outlook and state of mind.

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