'It’s time for me to stand up': Jane Caro announces Senate bid

‘It’s time to get shit done’: Jane Caro announces Senate bid

Jane Caro

Walkley Award winning columnist, author, feminist and social commentator Jane Caro is standing with the Reason Party as a candidate for the federal Senate.

Caro, who has long been a fierce advocate for gender equity, announced on Thursday she will be chasing a NSW Senate seat at the upcoming election.

“There’s a point at which you have to put your money where your mouth is, and I think we’re going in the wrong direction in this country,” Caro said on Sunrise on Thursday morning. “So it’s time for me to stand up and do something about it, if I can.”

“If not me, who else? It may as well be me, so I’m doing it.”

Caro is running with the Reason Party, on a platform of climate change action, equality of opportunity for all, particularly for women, improving public education and public health funding, as well as evidence-based, secular government policy.

“It’s time to get shit done and stop electing governments who don’t believe in governments,” she posted on her official Facebook page on Thursday morning.

Caro has been a well-known advocate for many decades, and has become a household name for many Australians with frequent media appearances. She is the author of multiple books, both fiction and non-fiction. Her next book, The Mother, will be published in March 2022.

She has served on the boards of The Song Company and Bell Shakespeare, and is currently on the board of The Public Education Foundation.

You can find out more about Jane Caro’s candidacy here.

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