Mental health must be a top priority for women in sport this year

Mental health must be a top priority for women in sport this year

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While physical health is important to all of us right now, mental health must also be a priority.

It’s the same for many athletes, who are dealing with unprecedented changes in their lives and training routines as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. Social distancing and isolation are generally not part of an elite athletes schedule.

For Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast of all time, the story is no different. The 23-year-old said recently she has no doubt she’ll be able to maintain her physical fitness over the course of the year, it’s her mental health that is more concerning. With an Olympic Games postponed that was supposed to be her last, her life has never been more uncertain. “It’s going to take its toll on me and all of us,” she said.

In other news, seven-time world champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore talks to Olympic Channel about equal pay in surfing and what more needs to be done for women in the sport. As of 2019, the World Surf League offers equal prize money to men and women but Gilmore says the next step is growing the number of women on tour.

And, following the success and record engagement of the T20 Women’s World Cup, the International Cricket Council is seriously considering selling the broadcast rights to future women’s international tournaments separately from the men’s. It’s great news for women’s cricket.

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