Pauline Hanson's website replaced with link to refugee rights council

Pauline Hanson’s website replaced with link to refugee rights council

Pauline Hanson

In some light-hearted news today, it appears Pauline Hanson’s website domain has expired and been replaced with a page that redirects to the Refugee Council of Australia’s website.

 You can visit the website here, if you’d like to see for yourself.

The domain redirect was first pointed out on the Brown Cardigan Instagram page, that posted a screenshot of a Slack message from an unknown person who wrote: “Noticed the pauline hanson dot com dot au domain had expired overnight…grabbed it and did a redirect… check it out when you have a second.”

There is no indication that the Refugee Council of Australia had anything to do with the tongue-in-cheek switch.

Some basic Google searching also tell us that the One Nation politician primarily uses another website domain for her political work. So, the switch doesn’t appear to be anything more than some harmless fun – a fitting joke about the Senator, who has spent her career calling for bans on immigration for basically anyone who isn’t white.

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