'We’re talking about women dying': Joanna McClinton delivers fierce abortion rights speech

Pennsylvania’s Joanna McClinton delivers fierce abortion rights speech

Joanna McClinton

Pennsylvanian House Democratic leader Joanna McClinton has passionately denounced the actions of her Republican colleagues who are seeking to dramatically restrict abortion access and make it harder to vote.

In a blistering speech in the House of Representatives, McClinton pointed out the injustice of male lawmakers without uteruses making decisions about what women and people with uteruses can do with their bodies.

“We’re talking about women dying,” she said in the memorable address. “We’re talking about more than half the population not being able to make decisions – when not even half of this body has a uterus.”

McClinton continued, saying the actions of Republicans would silence Democratic lawmakers in Pennsylvania, as well as millions of voters across the state.

“Here we are being silenced yet again,” she said. “And understand when you’re silencing us, we are actually elected officials like you all. So you’re silencing millions of voters from every corner of the Commonwealth.

“When you silence us and don’t allow us to amend bills that won’t let people vote, that won’t allow women to make their own decisions. You’re silencing all of us.”

McClinton’s speech came after the Pennsylvania Senate and House passed a bill late last week that would ask voters to amend the state’s constitution. It included language affirming there would be no right to abortion and no guarantee that taxpayer funds could be used for abortions. It also would restrict access to voting, requiring voters to have ID, rather than only when registering.

The bill needs to pass the legislature in two sessions and be publicly advertised before it goes to voters in Pennsylvania on a ballot.

“We need to suspend the rules and let this amendment come through before we rush this off to the voters,” McClinton said.

“Those same voters that you tried to silence in 2020 when you didn’t like the outcome of the election. Those same voters that you said didn’t matter what they chose.

“Those are the people you’re trying to shut up.”

McClinton’s palpable anger and passionate defence of abortion and voting rights has sent waves through social media, with her speech earning more than 3 million views and wide support.

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