Podcast: How work has changed and the moments that moved us

Podcast: How work has changed and the moments that moved us

The Women's Agenda Podcast

In our final episode of The Women’s Agenda Podcast for the year, we share the top 2021 moments from women that moved us. These are the wins from women requiring resilience, courage, persistence and so much more to bring the best out of 2021.

Plus, with the help of Fay Calderone and James Morvell, both partners with Hall & Wilcox, we look at the fast-tracked changes that have occurred in how we work. From more men taking parental leave, to the opportunities in more flexible careers, the risks to gender equality that could come from hybrid work as well as the changing nature of sexual harassment in remote work, and the need for employers to fast catch up, the past two years have transformed everything.

Plus, in our Finhacks segment, we look at the record number of annual leave days owed to Australians, and how we could actually use a holiday to get some clarity on finances.

This is our final episode of 2021! You can get more on all the women discussed in our ‘wins’ segment by searching their names on our website. You can also learn more about Fay Calderone here and James Morvell here.

Thank you to the investment platform Suphero for supporting this episode.

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