Podcast: Love at home! The power of clear communication & vulnerability as a source of strength

Podcast: Love at home! The power of clear communication & vulnerability as a source of strength

The Women's Agenda Podcast
The podcasting team are at home, in different parts of the same city, connecting via video conference.

This week they discuss cats being disappointed but dogs overjoyed by the prospect of their owners spending so much time at home (it’s true).

On much more serious matters, they discuss the power of clear communication, looking particularly at some of the defining characteristics of female leadership during this pandemic and asking about the messaging that’s going on in Australia.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern is high on the agenda, as are other leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel. They discuss the compassion, leadership, empathy, kindness, clarity and the power of words and language.

The team also share optimism, outlining a range of measures and things businesses and people are doing all over the world during this crisis. Everything from businesses making some drastic manufacturing changes to people saying ‘how are you’ and really, really meaning it.

Towards the end of the podcast, the team share their first experiences of remote learning, and trying to manage school at home.

Recorded Wednesday. This one was slow to be upload as we adjust to new tech and Wifi issues during this time.

Listen below or via your favourite podcast app.

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