Podcast: Turning point on DV, what makes good employers? & astronomer Lisa Harvey Smith

Podcast: Turning point on DV, what makes good employers? & astronomer Lisa Harvey Smith

The Women's Agenda Podcast

We cover a huge range of topics this week, starting with the most pressing: the urgent changes that need to happen to address domestic and family violence in Australia.


We also speak to astronomer and Australia’s Women in STEM Ambassador, Professor Lisa Harvey Smith, about why the numbers are so stubborn when it comes to women in STEM, what we can do about it, and a little more about how Lisa paved a way into a male-dominated profession.


And what actually makes an employer a good one for women? More than 100 organisations have this week received a citation as being an excellent place for ‘gender equality’. But are great experiences at work a matter of excellent policies — or does it really come down to the person we directly report to?


Finally on our minds this week: Harvey Weinstein, the never-ending question about being a ‘good parent’, and the environmental WIN that demonstrates it’s worth getting involved.


Join Angela Priestley, Georgie Dent and Shivani Gopal for this wide-ranging conversation.



Check out links to the stories we discuss below 


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