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The petition to stop ‘professional pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc coming to Melbourne

Watch out Melbourne, Julien Blanc — aka the ‘professional pickup artist’ — is just days away from coming your way. Seriously, watch out.

The self-proclaimed ‘international leader in dating advice’ hosts seminars on how to become ‘sex-worthy’, charging men $3000 to learn his ‘secret tricks’.

Many have called his lectures “misogynistic and offensive” – and with good reason. His lectures boast that there are always ways to get around a woman’s excuse not to go home with him.

“When she throws a bullshit excuse, just tell her it’s irrelevant” said Julian at one of his seminars, with hundreds of men in the audience hanging off his every word.

His upcoming speaking event in Melbourne has prompted thousands to join a campaign to stop him bringing his dating advice to the men of Australia.

The seminar, scheduled for November 6 at the Como Melbourne Hotel, is being rallied against by

The petition is promoting the hashtag #TakeDownJulienBlanc, and has been signed by 7825 people so far. The Como Hotel is also facing a Twitter backlash. 

Julien’s website, ‘Pimp My Game‘ (enter at your own risk) self describes his pick up tips as: “It’s offensive, it’s inappropriate, it’s emotionally scarring, but it’s damn effective.”

A video that automatically plays when you enter his website reveals one of Julien’s ‘magical’ pick up lines; apparently telling a woman that she is a “deadbeat white trash whore… that’s all you are”, and then proceeding to grab her face and forcibly kissing her is a top way to pull.

Not only is Julien’s advice misogynistic and sexist, but also racist, seen in his lessons to men picking up women in Tokyo: “In Tokyo, if you’re a white male you can do what you want… just grab her, she’s Japanese.”

And Julien also appears to promote violence against women as a means for getting girls, with his twitter account showing a series of pictures of him #chokingwomenaroundtheworld 

Some questions that Julien encourages his male audience to always be thinking about include: ‘How are you going to get her out of the club and to your room? How are you going to get her on your bed? How are you going to get her clothes off? How are you going to transition into sex?’

This is the kind of advice some men are paying Julien to hear — all the while new campaigns are being launched to prevent violence against women in Australia. 

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