'This is hilarious': Olivia Colman's very real Oscars speech

‘This is hilarious’: Olivia Colman’s very real Oscars speech

Olivia Colman
A shell-shocked Olivia Colman delivered a very real speech today that left plenty of people smiling, as she accepted the Best Actress Award for her role in The Favourite.

It was her first Oscar nomination. And she near collapsed into the arms of those around her as her name was read out.

Colman then shared some tears on stage, at times struggling to speak. When she did, she came across as relatable, and (as is rare during these mega-celeb events) like she could be any one of us.

“It’s genuinely quite stressful. This is hilarious. I got an Oscar!”

She said she’d forget to thank people and will share a “massive snog” with anyone she missed.

She also thanked her Favourite co-stars, and the other women nominated in her category.

“And to be in this category with these extraordinary women, and Glenn Close… you’ve been my idol for so long and this is not how I wanted it to be and I think you’re amazing and I love you very much,” she said.

She thanked her family and her kids, “who are at home watching.”

“Well, if you’re not, then, well done, but I sort of hope you are. This is not going to happen again.

“And any little girl who is practising their speech on the telly, you never know. I used to work as a cleaner and I loved that job, I did spend quite a lot of my time imagining this.”

She then blew a raspberry at the cameras, as she was being told to ‘wrap up’ by the organisers.

And she blew a kiss to the front row, “ahh, Lady Gaga”, she said, as if she was shocked to be in her company.

Colman has previously spoken about taking a job as a secretary (“not a very good one”) and a cleaner, a job she says she received incredible satisfaction from doing.

But all of it was to try and support a career in acting. “I couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything else,” she said during a Vogue interview. “Being able to put ‘Actor’ on my passport was all I wanted in the world.”



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